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ICAP 2011 Charity Day



debbie fund is delighted to have been chosen by ICAP to be one of the charities supported by their 2011 Charity Day.  Thanks to ICAP's generous support a debbie fund genomics project will commence in the summer of 2012, led by Prof Chris Boshoff. This will look at the genetic changes in cervical cancer tumours and will complement the work on the debbie fund Antibody Therapeutics Project.

ICAP Charity Day 2011

Actors Nat Parker and Imogen Stubbs made guest appearances on the ICAP trading floor for debbie fund during this staggeringly successful Charity Day, which raised a staggering £12.75 million for over 200 good causes worldwide.  Sarah Phillips, Richard Sutton-Mattocks (Chairman of the UCL Cancer Institute Research Trust) and Helen Jameson also represented debbie fund.Nathaniel Parker and Imogen Stubbs on the trading floor for debbie fund during the ICAP charity day.