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Charlie Mole




“I am a British/French musician who started his career as a songwriter for Warner-Chappell after a working as a programmer for the band Living in a Box . After 10 years of working with the likes of Kylie, Chaka Khan , Lenny Kravitz, I was given the opportunity to write the film score for Ken Branagh and Lawrence Fishburne's Othello and have been a film composer ever since.


I was fortunate enough to know Debbie Phillips for around five years through a mutual love of watching our sons, Carlo and Jack, play football for their local football team Barnes Eagles. It was therefore a great pleasure for me to be able to help her daughter Sarah with her wish to record a song for Debbie's funeral. A few days after Debbie died, Mark and Sarah approached me on the touchline and explained that Sarah wanted to record a song in memory of her mother and needed my assistance. I was a little apprehensive until Sarah played me a few bursts of her singing into her mobile phone. I was instantly impressed with the quality of her voice and asked her to email the recording to me so that I could prepare for the recording. I then created a musical arrangement around her accapella vocal and realised that the vocal performance, despite the unprofessional sound quality of the mobile phone, was special enough to be kept as it was, and that a studio recording might not reveal the emotion and poignancy of her performance, which I later discovered was delivered the night Debbie died. To add to Sarah's remarkable achievement, she sang the song unaccompanied, with no guide for timing or tuning, and despite this no editing was required.

After the worldwide reaction to the song and Sarah's performance, it is a great pleasure for me to continue the musical relationship with her and to contribute to Debbie's Fund by helping her record and write some more songs." 


Congratulations- In 2013 Charlie was nominated for an Emmy for his new  composition- the score for  the TV series Mr. Selfridge.