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Maurice Bacon (Strikeback Records)/Andrew Winters (There's A Riot Goin' On Management) - Music Business Consultants

Maurice and Andrew have assisted and advised on the musical front, enabling Sarah's musical contributions to become commercially available to raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Maurice and Andrew have a history working with contemporary artists in management, marketing and label management, and previously worked together on the Ultimate label (via Polygram).

Maurice began his musical career as drummer with The Love Affair and still plays gigs with the band. He has managed various artists and is currently managing Kula Shaker as well as running his label Strikeback Records.

Andrew was also a musician before turning to management, exclusively managing 'Brit pop' success Dodgy and currently managing The Panama Kings from Belfast.

"The moment we heard Sarah's ‘a cappella’ version of 'Autumn' our first thoughts were how good Sarah's vocal was with such an honest and natural performance and we were both happy to offer our services to enable the song to be commercially released via Maurice's Strikeback label. We would also like to thank Strikeback's digital aggregator IODA assisting us in speeding up the process to make the finished track available in super quick time"